Kuro-Obi met Senior Kuro-Obi

January 26, 2009

22 Jan.09, Shah Alam Medical Center

This is my TKD-Senior, Mr.Sharifuddin Mamat (5th Dan), founder of Dins Taekwon-Do Academy (DTA). We exchanged news and info. Well done Din and congrat to fellow companion Noordin for his Do-Jang under DTA's flagship.

Awaiting for DTA Team's visit to my Kemaman Do-Jang, you all wiil be served with the best coffee in town (which happen to be popular in Singapore).

Semoga anak Din (and my loving-wife) cepat sembuh.


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Choy HH January 26, 2009 at 11:58 PM  

Good day my friend,

Your last sentence in this entry,

Apa yg tak kena dgn kesihatan isteri anda dan anak Bro. Din?

Your wife haven't fully recover yet? It has been a long time, as far as i have known.

Wish u all best of luck and hope your wife will be well soon.


sidekick January 29, 2009 at 9:09 AM  

He..he..promote giler ..siap dgn DAN aku lg hu..hu. Anyway nice but unexpected jupo mung situ. Sori x spt nak belanja mkn kt restoren Panmour dpn SMC tu. Insyaallah ader masa DTA's Team akan sampai ke Kemamang...

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