Kejohanan PG Global - Seberang Perai

April 26, 2009

Just got back from Penang with my wife last night for one day tournament at Politeknik Seberang Perai. My team sent "nearly" 2 buses of students consisting Under 12, Under 17 and young adult colored belt participants. Four of my adult students from Kemaman Do-Jang were just new and even white belt holders - I salute them for their willingness to gain experience and to try fighting amid less techniques but their bravery and "semangat bertempur" is what I adore and the first thing first when you want to enter a competition. Apart from this they need to be well prepared in person for endurance and tactics - ingredients of a champion. These guys are still new in martial arts but I'm happy to hear all of them saying "I want to train more and I want to get ready for next tournament.".

I'd like to express my gratitude to the host-instructors from PG Global Taekwon-Do Academy:- Ustaz Mansor (5th Dan), Mr. Nanda (6th Dan) and Mr. Bala (6th Dan) for their warm welcoming and hospitality to my team and myself. I appreciate Master Siva (7th Dan) for spending some time with me on the stage. Thank to my wife for supporting me, I know she's tired but she seems strong and calm. Also to my young Kuro-Obi Yaser (1st Dan) for becoming my driver.

I congratulate my fellow Kuro-Obi instructors - Mr.Rahman (2nd Dan) and Aizuddin (1st Dan) for their commitment in training towards preparing this team. I believe Rahman will write more on this in his blog. For every event there will be pleasant and unpleasant scenes, maybe Rahman would share this with us. The moment I'm writing this, he is still in the bus full of warriors heading back to Terengganu.

Terengganu bagged: 6 Golds - 6 Silvers - 14 Bronzes.


Hail Arshavin !

April 22, 2009

.....Mu Memang Bijok!......

Arshavin’s remarkable four goals at Anfield also allowed the Russian to claim a first in the Premier League - he is the first player to score four goals and fail to finish on the winning side. It was the 19th time a player has scored four goals in a Premier League game and the first for a year, since Frank Lampard’s four for Chelsea against Derby 13 months ago.

He is the second Arsenal player to score four goals in a Premier League game, following Thierry Henry’s achievement in a 5-0 win over Leeds in 2004.

Arshavin is only the sixth player to score four PL goals away.

Four-goal hauls in the Premier League:

  • Efan Ekoku (Norwich) Everton 1 Norwich 5 (25.9.93)
  • Andrew Cole (5, Man Utd) Man Utd 9 Ipswich 0 (4.3.95)
  • Robbie Fowler (Liverpool) Liverpool 5 Bolton 2 (23.9.95)
  • Robbie Fowler (Liverpool) Liverpool 5 Middlesbrough 1 (14.12.96)
  • Gianluva Vialli (Chelsea) Barnsley 0 Chelsea 6 (24.8.97)
  • Jurgen Klinsmann (Spurs) Wimbledon 2 Spurs 6 (2.5.98) (Watch YouTube)
  • Michael Owen (Liverpool) Liverpool 5 Nottm Fst 1 (24.10.98)
  • Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (Man Utd) Nottm Fst 1 Man Utd 8 (6.2.99) (Watch YouTube)
  • Andrew Cole (Man Utd) Man Utd 5 Newcastle 1 (30.8.99)
  • Alan Shearer (5, Newcastle) Newcastle 8 Sheff Wed 0 (19.9.99)
  • Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (Man Utd) Man Utd 5 Everton 1 (4.12.99)
  • Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink (Chelsea) Chelsea 6 Coventry 1 (21.10.00)
  • Mark Viduka (Leeds) Leeds 4 Liverpool 3 (4.11.00) (Watch YouTube )
  • Michael Owen (Liverpool) WBA 0 Liverpool 6 (26.4.03)
  • Thierry Henry (Arsenal) Arsenal 5 Leeds 0 (16.4.04) (Watch YouTube)
  • Yakubu Aiyegbeni (Portsmouth) Portsmouth 5 Middlesbrough 1 (15.3.04)
  • Dimitar Berbatov (Spurs) Spurs 6 Reading 4 (29.12.07)(Watch YouTube)
  • Frank Lampard (Chelsea) Chelsea 6 Derby 1 (12.3.08)(Watch YouTube)
  • Andrei Arshavin (Arsenal) Liverpool 4 Arsenal 4 (21.4.09)

(Credit Telegraph.Co.Uk)


Careful When You Do Martial Arts...

April 21, 2009

Just For Viewing Pleasure....


Tunjuk Jalan...

April 20, 2009

16th April 2009...

I received an sms early in the morning from Mang notifying me that his mom passed away. I couldnt rush for funeral on the day but did attend to his family's house at Ketengah Jaya. As I am not familiar with the location and journey at night alone is not recommended, I sought my student Amir to accompany me, luckily he had time. It took us nearly 2 hours to reach the house as we lost the route. Mang kept calling me to confirm whether we were on correct track, because it was toooooooo wonder even he himself not keen to have journey there at night alone. Somehow, with good GPS instruction by Mang.... Amir and I reached and sempat ratib. During my mother's departure, he did attend ratib congregation at my house. His mother's departure refreshed my memory to what I have gone through.

Should students received this news, it is their moral responsibility to at least message a sympathy and pray for blessing to the Arwah. I hope Rahman receives such feedback.

A Deep Condolence To Rahman's Family.


Arsenal - Manchester

April 15, 2009

Edited for Result: 16/04/09 9:00am

Arsenal : 3 - Villareal : 0 (Agg: 4 - 1)

Porto : 0 - Man Utd. : 1 (Agg: 2 - 3)

Semi-final dates

Tues Apr 28 Barcelona v Chelsea

Wed Apr 29 Manchester United v Arsenal

Tues May 5 Arsenal v Manchester United

Wed May 6 Chelsea v Barcelona


Sat May 27 Stadio Olimpico, Rome.


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Malam ni UEFA Champions League,
Arsenal vs Villareal , Porto vs Man Utd.
Kalau Arsenal menang, M.U menang - kedua-dua team akan bertemu di Semi-Final. "Aku rasa Arsenal akan menang. M.U akan tak menang sebab rekod Porto memang kuat di tempat sendiri"

So aku akan cuba bangun jam 3pagi malam ni sokong aku punya team.... Arsenal.....

Bitter Rival....



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pioneer of iium-kusza

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M'sian Zidane?

April 12, 2009

He is not Malaysian though.... But Malaysia need to produce like this boy... Have you ever heard the name Titus? Where is he? Last I heard he was in France, where most young stars are produced like Samir Nasri, Hatem Ben Arfa and of course the legendary Zidane. Somebody wrote the boy in this vid is from Algeria, the birthplace of Zidane. With proper professional guidance this boy could be the next Zinadine Zidane... Amazingly, he's just 5.


Azri: Jack Of All Trade Master Of None?

April 10, 2009

From Azri's website tetiba...aku belum "Master" lagi la...Macam-macam si Azri, the oldest among my adult students at the moment. He's a yellow belt but pursuing for the next level soon after mastering compulsory 8th kup techniques. I trust he's doing hard in training.

Bertempat di Pusat Latihan Taekwon do Cawangan kemaman, majlis solat hajat dan bacaan yassin diadakan. majlis dimulakan dengan sembahyang Isyak berjemaah diimamkan oleh Yang berbahagia Tuan Haji Saiful ‘Master’.

Selesai solat Isyak adalah solat hajat diikuti dengan bacaan yassin yang diketuai oleh Master.

Selesai bacaan yassin dan doa adalah jamuan ringan, dimana hidangan istimewa ’satar’ dan ‘otak-otak’. Memang puas namun tidak lengkap seperti yang disuarakan kepada Master. Air teh tak ada ke? Sila kunjungi Kemaman Dojang


SiCKO Revisited

April 07, 2009

Pagi ni jam 7:00 am saya "ter"buka channel Star Movie, filem SiCKO terbitan & arahan Michael Moore ditayang. Entry berkenaan filem ini telah saya terbitkan pada Disember 2008 - tengok pun sebab my brother told me it is great to watch. It is not an action packed or horror movie but a synical documentary on healthcare in USA. "Cerita ni nganjing"

Bulan lepas di rumah ipar saya di Bukit Payong, saya dan keluarga dijemput makan bersama-sama seorang guru dari US yang mengikuti program kerajaan negeri mengajar bahasa Inggeris di sekolah-sekolah terpilih di Terengganu. Masa tu saya timbulkan pasal keperluan insurans di US dan betapa isu kesihatan umum menjadi perkara yang sentiasa hangat didebatkan. Dia sendiri mengaku perbelanjaan perubatan di sana amat-amat membebankan - bukan setakat ubatnya, bahkan untuk pemeriksaan sahaja sudah cerewet. Dia sendiri sedia maklum perubatan di Kanada dan di Eropah jauh lebih baik dan lebih kepada membiayai keperluan rakyat.

Michael Moore merumuskan - bahkan orang yang termiskin di UK mendapat kemudahan terbaik berbanding orang terkaya di USA dan jangka hayat orang terkaya di USA (yang mempunyai akses perubatan terkini) lebih rendah dari rakyat biasa di Cuba!

Semuanya tak masuk akal bagi Michael Moore. Dia menemuramah sekumpulan rakyat US yang kini menetap di Perancis - semuanya memuji sistem kesihatan dan kebajikan di Eropah dan semuanya uttered the sentence :"You definitely cannot get this in US."

Moore: "I can only hope this movie wakes some people up, especially those flag waving people who keep on repeating slogans like "greatest country in the world" etc. This could be a serious wake up call for a proud nation. I have always wondered how people can still call it the greatest country if it does not have universal health care, but maybe the reason is, they don't know any better. They do not realize that in other western countries this has been done for ages and it works."

Negara-negara sosialis seperti Cuba dan Soviet yang sering dihentam oleh pendukung kuasa demokrasi seperti USA rupa-rupanya lebih menjaga kebajikan kesihatan rakyatnya berbanding negara maju. Walaupun pada asalnya tujuan mewajibkan setiap individu dan rakyat USA mempunyai insurans adalah untuk mendapat bantuan kesihatan yang terbaik di dunia, polisi ini nampaknya lebih menguntungkan syarikat-syarikat insurans dan hospital swasta dan telah memporak-perandakan rakyat sendiri.

Semuanya boleh dilihat melalui filem SiCKO. Sebelum hari ini, isteri saya hanya mendengar sedikit berkenaan filem ini melalui saya - pagi ini sampai hajat dia pun tengok sama (tak sangka di Star Movie pun tayang cerita ni) - ini kali ketiga saya tonton - dan seperti filem hindustan dia menangis - sebab apa?
Lu Tengok La Sendiri ..........

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